Blue Smart Casual Outfit - Tony
Ascot, blue boots...Perfect relax and smart outfit

When wearing this outfit?

We love this smart casual outfit with blue boots and ascot tie. Get out of the crowd, dare wearing blue! This color is trendy and make you feel unique. And then blue ascot tie offers an elegant alternative to ties. They knot like a tie but are comfortable like scarves.

Finish your set with our blue leather men belt Split Buckle.Their match provides a smart and dandy look. Classy!

Wear this smart casual outfit during your casual time, such as weekend, or at a party with friends, even on Friday at work! Add black or blue business casual or denim pants, you look stylish and comfortable.

You can wear this smart casual outfit for Valentine's day too. Blue is a smart color and a good alternative to black. 

Impress others with this smart casual outfit.

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Smart casual Outfit with blue ankle boots and ascot tie
Dandy smart style

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Belt size guide
How to tie an Ascot
How to tie an ascot

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