Ascot Tie - Silver

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Ascot tie for men - Silver Knot like a tie, comfortable like a scarf This 100% silk and self knotting...

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$69.99 USD
Ascot tie for men - Silver
Knot like a tie, comfortable like a scarf

This 100% silk and self knotting ascot Tie is one of our preferred ! Trendy but not too much, casual but not too much...It fits anything in your wardrobe. It is very easy to wear as any color match it!

Suggestion of wearing

Wear Ascot Tie - Pink dots with a light or dark grey suit to look classy-trendy! Add a light pink or white shirt to enhance the overall.
For a more casual style, Ascot Tie - Angel is gorgeous with business casual beige pants, with or without jacket. 
For a fashion style, try it on a red or turquoise shirt with a black denim! Add a nice pair of shoes, red or black, and you're ready to party!

This ascot tie comes with its matching pocket square.

Handmade, this ascot set is designed, crafted and shipped from China.

A little sweetness in your day

Silk Tie Shop

Silk, delicate material

Nothing looks nicer than silk. Delicate and natural, this material is the definition of softness.

Often glossy, this noble material is used to make the best quality of neck ties, bow ties and ascot ties.

At Runit365, we only offer self tied ties as they always fall flawless and exactly as you wish.

All our ties are 100% silk and handmade.

Ascot Tie - Silver

Be different, be elegant

Ascot tie for men always gets attention from others. They catch the eyes, because not seen as often than that!

Very often forgotten or seen as old fashion accessories, ascot tie  offers a trendy and unusual alternative to neck ties. And they are really elegant and smart!

This ascot tie set highlights any of your suits and add a trendy touch to your outfits.


100% Silk

This ascot tie set is woven in the finest silk and is the reflect of year of experience.

Sewing manually, the stitches at the edges are the witnesses of this gorgeous handmade work.


We strongly recommande to use specialist silk caring services to clean your ascot tie set.

Tip from Runit365

How to tie an ascot tie - Runit365

Now you know!

Ascot Tie - Silver
Ascot Tie - Silver
Ascot Tie - Silver
Style: Fashion
Material: 100% Silk
Condition: Hand made

Ascot Size:    
total length:49.6"(126cm)
the widest part:6.1"(15.5cm)
the narrowest part:2.2"(5.5cm)
Handkerchief Size10"×10"(25cm×25cm)

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