Here are our shipping fees according to your geographic area:

Standard Shipping Fees:

USA: Free

Canada, Europe: 15$  

NB: Please, note that handling time is not included in the shipping time.

Not covered:

We are sorry but we ONLY deliver our products to United States, Canada and Europe

Extra Shipping fees outside US

Regarding shipping outside US, we are sorry to have to charge extra costs. These are due to extra fees local post offices charge us. We are currently negotiating to avoid these extra charges.

Fast Shipping

Fast shipping is available in the same areas as standard shipping.
On average, Fast shipping fees are 10% of your order amount, except for our Deluxe Shoes and knotting Collection, which are free. For large orders, please get in touch with us.

Do not hesitate to email us at or by chat in case of any question about our shipping rates.