Trendy Outfit Tanios - Brown wingtip shoes Joachim brown, brown geometric silk tie Tanios and brown leather men belt Parallel


In Detail
This smart outfit with brown shoes has all you need to be elegant. The 2 tone brown derby shoes add a touch of uniqueness. Their wise design make them easy to wear in any circumstances.

This set includes our geometric design silk tie Tanios, our large grey stripes Trussardi slim fit shirt, wingtip shoes Joachim Brown and brown leather men belt with its unique lines on its buckle Parrallel.
What event to wear it?

Wear this smart outfit with brown shoes at any business event such as caritative event, networking or during your working weekdays. This outfit is also perfect for client facing meetings. 

This smart outfit with brown shoes provides a very professional smart looking.

Tanios - Geometric Silk Tie
$39.99 USD
Parallel Buckle - Brown Men Belt
$69.99 USD
JOACHIM Brown - Italian wingtip shoes
$159.99 USD