Sweet Style - Men's outfit

We love the pastel colors of this men's outfit. It releases peaceful vibes. Versatile, wear it for your party with your friends or for your business days.

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$79.99 USD

Gaspar Pink - trendy men's vest

Pink and stylish Always trendy, waistcoats are a must for being in fashion. 100% wool, this pink men's vest offers an unconventional trendy style. Warm, it is a good alternative to...

$29.99 USD

Colored Square - Neck Ties

Non conventional checks tie. Unique, geometric, perfect with Gaspar Pink and the matching socks. Perfect Spring style! Versatile, this neck fits any color and style of outfit. Match it with your...

$19.99 USD

Colored square - Sublimation Socks

Stop hidden your socks! They are part of your style and contribute to make you look nice! These high quality socks with sublimated print provide optimum comfort with style wherever one might go...

$269.99 USD

Smart Sweet - blue and beige men's oxford shoes

Classy style These calf leather wingtip shoes offer pure lines, simplicity and class. We are in love with their timeless wingtip shape. Wise and trendy at the same time, these fresh...