Outfit Paris Classy style - Elegant floral design silk tie, automatic brown leather belt Sleek brown and leather brown derby shoes Smart Buckle - Runit365


In Detail
This classy brown outfit is the definition of elegance. It's like a journey in Paris. Bright, glamour and absolutely classy. The slick monk strap brown leather men shoes provide an additional touch of elegance. Wise and classic, these monk strap men shoes support any style!

This set includes our awesome beige floral silk tie Beige leaves, our classy bespoke leather brown monk strap shoes Smart Buckle and brown leather men belt with its gold buckle Sleek Brown.
What event to wear it?

Wear classy brown outfit at any formal events, such as wedding, evening at the Opera or for Holiday seasons evenings. If you want to make a huge impression, wear this outfit for client facing meetings. 

This classy brown outfit provides a very smart looking style

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Brown Sleek - Brown leather Belt
$77.99 USD
Tie - Beige Leaves
$39.99 USD