Purple, the Royal Color
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Purple, the Royal Color

Purple the Royal Color

I read a blog, 2 or 3 days ago, explaining the meaning and usage of the main colors in our life. And I was surprised to learn that Purple is considered as a royal color. Purple is connected to power, nobility, luxury, wisdom, and spirituality.

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Royal Purple Look

At Runit365, we love waistcoat. They are easy to wear and offer a classy and smart style. This vest is offered in several colors. Of course, the purple one is our preferred as it is a great alternative to black.

Don't want to wear to many purple clothes? Ok, but at least, highlight your outfit with this awesome silk tie. It's a ray of sunshine around your neck! It comes with the matching pocket square and cufflinks. 

These shoes are one of our best sellers. Classic and classy shape, but they've got this so bright purple color, making them very trendy and unique. These handmade leather shoes are one of our preferred.

Made to order, they are usually shipped within 7 days

Wearing Purple at...

Trendy purple set including purple vest, purple floral design silk tie and purple leather derby shoes

Caritative Events

Networking meetings

Business days

Being classy does not mean you have to always wear conventional colors such as black or navy blue. Hope this article gives you ideas to look nice and a little bit different from others. Looking forward to seeing you again at Runit365.

Magali Owner of Runit365
Owner of Runit365

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