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July 23, 2017

Trendy retro style

Shoes - Michael are becoming one of our preferred ones! Indeed, the retro smart style gives you a timeless look. That's what makes all their charm.

Wear them, and you will have the impression to be the king of Pop. They just invite you to dance!

Glamour with a smooth touch of classic, they are offered in several colors such as white, burgundy and black. They fit to your style and mood!

Suggestions of Wearing

First, if you choose the white ones, you can associate a white suit, black shirt, belt and pant. You'll instantaneously get a retro style get out of the crowd, unique among the others.
On the contrary, if you want to stay more traditional, wear them with a black suit. The shoes add a touch of originality to your outfit.

However, if you wish to be more casual, for holidays for instance, wear them with black denim or canvas pants. Add a white shirt, a black belt and you'll get the perfect look.

Check our picture below!

On a second hand, if you choose the burgundy ones, we advise you to wear it with a shirt of the same color with a black pant. That's create a reminder that will enhance your outfit. You'll seduce and spark admiration. You'll be a ladykiller I assure you!
On a third hand, if you opt for the black ones,
any colors will suit. Because black is classic! They will add elegance to each of your outfits. They will give you confidence. The patent leather will add a brilliant and glossy touch. You'll have a glamour style!
Just a reminder, the black ones are in patent leather.
To sum up, Shoes - Michael are a must and a no brainer in your wardrobe!
Hope you enjoy this article.

Maud from Runit 365
Trendy Retro Style - Shoes Michael

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