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July 07, 2017

How to be stylish while being casual?

When we are in holidays, we don't especially want to wear hyper chic clothes.
How can I be fashion and casual?
The first but most important thing: be very comfortable in your clothes. This is a no brainer!

It can be denim pants, a shirt, t-shirt, polo and much more. Enhance your outfit with casual or elegant shoes, depending on you mood. And don't forget to add a nice belt to finish your look.
Second, you have to match the colors. For instance, wear blue denim pants, a white shirt and blue Shoes - Marco to remind the pants' color.
With the Marco shoes you add a touch of elegance. This gives a touch of smartness while being casual.
The electric blue of the shoes reminds both the chic side but adds a touch of personality to the outfit.
This Summer, floral pattern shirt is very trendy. However, pick classic colors, such as black pants and black and/or white shoes to finish your outfit.
Our heart beats a little bit more for our black and white Shoes - Jazzy. They add a touch of fantasy and softness!

It a good way to mix casual, by the shirt, and dressed style, by the black and white shoes. And of course, wear a belt matching your shoes to enhance the overall.
Hope you have enjoy this article.

How to be stylish while being casual?

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