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Think out of the Box

Products pf the picture: Shoes - Fire Burgundy, Necktie - Allan


Think Out Of The Box

In matter of fashion, don't be afraid to be creative! Green is THE perfect color, as most of people are afraid to wear it. Of course, you have to select it carefully. Not too flashy, not too wishy-washy! It's always a matter of balance.

Green is really easy to marry with other colors, such as light pink or burgundy. These colors will enhance your overall outfit.

In our example, we select a light green cardigan, enhancing by Necktie - Allan. The small spots of pink highlight all the set.

Add business casual or denim pants  and Shoes - Fire burgundy to finish the outfit with a touch of wiseness.


Runit365 - Shoes Fire BurgundyRunit365 - Necktie Allan


Easy, isn't it? Green outfit, but nice and classy! Click on the pictures above for more info.

What are your thoughts? Are your ready to wear this set? Be the first to comment and get 10% off your next order. I'm looking forward to reading you.




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