Think Green!

Think Green!

Product of the picture: Necktie - Allan, Shoes - Lorient


Think Green! 

Runit365 - Shoes Lorient 1



Some colors are not easy to wear, such as green. Nevertheless, we are convinced that it is as elegant and classy as traditional colors. It depends on how you match your gears.

Here we have 2 choices; Either we capitalize on the originality of the color or we match wise and classic accessories to moderate the style.



Shoes - Lorient 



 In our showcase, we decide to enhance the fashionable style by adding the very trendy Necktie - Allan, pink waistcoat and classy Shoes - Lorient Burgundy.


Runit365 - Necktie Allan




What do you think of the result? Are you convinced that Green is classy and stylish?

Look forward to reading your comment! Be the 1st and get 10% off your next order. 







Necktie - Allan 

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