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Summer Colors

Products of the picture: Shoes - Joris White, Necktie - Pink Leaves


Summer Colors

Burgundy is really a color you can wear all year long. It fits any seasons. It depends on the other accessories you will add!

For a summer style, add a colored and fresh tie, such as Necktie - Pink Leaves. Here, we have decided to add Shoes - Joris White, as they are perfect for summer. We love white shoes for summer. They add a fresh and bold touch to your outfit.

However, if you prefer, you can wear burgundy or light brown shoes. 


Runit365 - Shoes Joris WhiteRunit365 - Necktie Pink Leaves


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Now, you are ready to wear burgundy gears ;-) Let us know your thoughts. Be the 1st to comment and get 10% off your next order.






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