Let's be flamboyant!

Let's be flamboyant!

Products of the picture: Shoes - Bernard, Ascot - Rio


Let's be Flamboyant!

Warm season is really an opportunity to wear colors you are not familiar with or dare wearing. Red is a perfect exemple.

Be open-minded and try this set, perfect for weekend, party and/or casual events.

Ascot - Rio is the ray of sunshine to your outfit. Cheerful, bright, it lights up any gears. Here, we match it with a red shirt, but it is also gorgeous with light green or yellow one. It depends how comfortable you are wearing bright colors.

To finish your style, wear Shoes - Bernard red. Slip-on, easy to wear, comfortable, they are the one you need to spend good time with friends.

Runit365 - Ascot RioRunit365 - Shoes Bernard Red

Are you convinced? Ready to wear red? Let me know yours thoughts!

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