Purple Dream

Purple Dream

Products of the picture: Shoes - Joao, Necktie - Albert


Purple Dream

Do not hesitate to be creative and mix colors! Purple is often neglected, however, it is a really warm and fashion color. To highlight your purple outfit, dare mixing gold, light yellow or pink colors.

Necktie - Albert is a good example. It mixed purple, gold and pink. Wear it with a purple waistcoat for a young and trendy style.

Add brown shoes, such as Shoes - Joao, which perfectly fit with the gold of Necktie - Albert

The white shirt showcases in our outfit can easily be replaced by a light pink one, with white collar. White collar is considered more chic than a full pink shirt.

Click on the pictures below for more info.


Runit365 - Shoes JoaoRunti365 - Necktie Albert


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