Purple Blue

Purple Blue

Products of the picture: Shoes - Slip On Deep Purple, Necktie - Florent


Purple Blue

As previously wrote, purple shoes are a great alternative to black shoes. 

Shoes - Slip On Deep Purple soften the overall outfit. Elegant and wise, these shoes are very high quality handmade and hand painted shoes. A must of comfort and luxe.

In our case, we associate Necktie - Florent, because of their similar colors. It harmoniously mixes light and dark colors, stripes and check design.

Wear a white shirt, a light blue waistcoat matching the blue color of the tie and you get a trendy business set.

We recommend black business or denim pants to finish your style.

Wear this set for your workday or for a party, your elegance will get noticed, for sure.

Runit365 - Shoes Slip On Deep PurpleRunit365 - Necktie Florent

Shoes - Slip On deep Purple>>                                   Necktie - Florent>> 


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