Black is back

Black is back

Product of the picture: Necktie - Gold Flowers, Shoes - Leo Black


Black is almost unescapable, even in summer!

Black is the color of Elegance, no doubt on this! However, you can match it with some light and brilliant colors to enhance your overall outfit.
Gold and beige are perfect to set a summer style, and preserve your elegance.


Find special designs for your tie, different from checks or stripes, that are the most usual types. 

Getting out of the crowd don't mean wearing fashionable gears, but selecting carefully original but classy stuff


 Runit365 - Necktie - Golden Flowers Necktie - Golden Flowers catches the eyes because of the mix of gold and black. Its particular design gives a breeze of freshness to your formal outfit.
Shoes - Leo Black provide the required wiseness for client
facing event or business days. We love the cut from toe to ankle and the vintage buckle closure on the side. They are bold and trendy.

Runit365 -Shoes Leo Black



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