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Fed up with Men in Black :-)

I used to work in Bank and Insurance industries. All day long, I was working with absolutely awesome men and women, but all were always wearing black or dark grey suits with solid dark color ties.
All look like each others...nothing to make them get out of the crowd...Even if they were bright and smart.

Why? Why? Why?

And one day...

I met a man, wearing sometimes burgundy waistcoats, other times pink paisley ties or floral bow ties, royal blue shoes...each day his outfit was a pleasant surprise, like a ray of sunshine! He looked absolutely awesome. 
And you know what? This man was the definition of Elegance. Good manners, galant and always well dressed even if he wore bright colors.

And here comes Runit365!

Why do not offer these bright and awesome styles to all men? Why do not show that wearing bright colors make men more elegant than ever?

Gentleman, stop wearing boring clothes, start being different, and start being real elegant.
Elegance is a mindset, not only an outfit.

Thank you!

Thank you for supporting us, giving your trust and your encouragements in this way. Because I'm convinced you deserve to feel confortable and elegant in any colors

We are looking forward to seeing you again on Runit365 and hope we give you the opportunity to create the Elegance style you like.
Best regards,
Owner of Runit365
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