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Get out of the crowd!

Products of the picture: Shoes - No Cuts, Belt - Brown SleekNecktie - Soren


Get out of the Crowd!

Be different, be elegant! Most of the time, people neglect waistcoats. But they are a nice fashionable accessory. It's smart and catches the eyes.

Add a nice tie, match your shoes with it such as Necktie - Soren and Shoes - No Cuts. 

Wear black pants and for sure, you get out of the crowd! For a more casual style, wear black denim pants. To finish your outfit, add Belt - Brown Sleek.

If you prefer being more formal, wear a burgundy suit. However, both burgundies, the one of the tie and your suit, should match perfectly.


Runit365 - Necktie SorenRunit365 - Shoes No CutsRunit365 - Belt Brown Sleek

                   Necktie - Soren                                            Shoes - No Cuts                       Belt - Brown Sleek


Let us know what you think of this outfit. Be the 1st to comment and get 10% off your next order. Looking forward to reading you!



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