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Experience Your Elegance

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Travel in Style


Business Travel

When travelling for business, you look for being business dressed but also comfortable. As all business travelers, you know when a journey starts, but never when it will be ending!

Perfect comfort

This set assures a business man look but also provide the comfort you require.

Waistcoat always adds a dressed touch to attires. With or without a jacket, they offer an active style, showing you are confident in your skills.

Wear it with perfect denim pants or if you prefer, with business pants. Black or grey are always winner.

To highlight your style, add a floral design tie. This one comes with matching pocket square and cufflinks. Be smart in the tiniest details. It always makes a difference.

And, most of all, do not hesitate to wear gloves, especially in winter. They add uniqueness to your look and keep your fingers warmth. And in Canada, we know what it means!


Awesome and unique 2 colors shoes. Versatiles, they support any kind of look!

Floral Spring

Perfect with white or light blue shirt, this tie enhances your style by providing a wise touch of color to your outfit. Pocket square and cufflinks upgrade your overall looking.


Made in a mix of wool and cashmere, this vest will warm any of your looks.

Hope you like it and looking forward to seeing you wearing it!

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