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Dive in the Deep Blue

Products of the picture: Necktie - Ocean, Shoes - Ocean



Dive in the deep Ocean

Cannot find a better title as both showcased product names are Necktie - Ocean and Shoes - Ocean!

Dark blue is a nice alternative to black suit. It's less formal but as elegant and classy. Add some fashion accessories and mix it with some other colors for a perfect business style. 

To enhance our Necktie - Ocean, we add a beige waistcoat, which remind the beige stripes of the tie. This lighter color contrasts with the blue of the suit and add a touch of youthfulness to the overall outfit. Depending on your mood and the event you assist, add the matching Necktie - Ocean pocket Square and cufflinks


Runit365 - Necktie Ocean Pocket SquareRunit365 - Necktie OceanRunit365 - Necktie Ocean


Shoes - Ocean finish the outfit and provide some wise trendiness. Their pure lines, due to the absence of cuts and shoes lace on the side are absolutely gorgeous and pioneer.


Runit365 - Shoes Ocean


Sharp, isn't it? What are your thoughts? Be the first to comment and get 10% off your next order.

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