1 Tie, 2 Shoes, 3 Styles

1 Tie, 2 Shoes, 3 Styles

Products of the picture: Necktie - Striped Gold Brown and Shoes - Theo


3 styles with only 1 tie and 2 shoes!

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Necktie - Striped Gold Brown Runit365 - Necktie - Striped Gold Brown white 100% silk Necktieand one of our best sellers Shoes - TheoRunit365 - Shoes Theo.


Formal and business outfit

Necktie - Striped Gold Brown is really easy to wear. It fits with any color of suits, such as brown, black or burgundy. In that case, select Shoes - Theo black.

In our case, we selected a beige suit, matching the gold stripes of the Tie.

Shoes - Theo brown finish your outfit and give a fashion overall look of your outfit.

Runit365 - 1 tie, 2 shoes, 3 styles


Business casual outfit

On workday, we need to feel comfortable and respect the dressing code of the companies. Here is a nice alternative to meet both expectations!

We have selected a brown cardigan, which looks gorgeous with Necktie - Striped Gold Brown and Shoes - Theo brown. Wear a white with small dots shirt, navy, dark grey or black business pants, and you are ready for your day!

Runit365 - 1 tie, 2 shoes, 3 styles


Party or Friday night outfit

Friday night!! You are ready to party all night long and you want to look stylish and fashionable.

Get a nice light yellow shirt with white collar and cuffs, for the classy part of your outfit. With a bright brown waistcoat, knot your Necktie - Striped Gold Brown, put on your Shoes - Theo brown and here you go!


Shoes Theo brown can be replace by Shoes - Crest brown . They both are stylish and comfortable. 

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  1. avatar Bruno says:

    keep sharing arrangements and matching suggestions – they are great ideas! it makes my life so much easier when it’s time to get dressed. THX a lot

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